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Imagine… After millions of years of nuclear fusion, a massive star depletes its core of hydrogen and helium. With no outward pressure to hold it up, gravity wins, and the star collapses. The outer layers rebound from the core and are expelled into space in a gaint supernova explosion.  But, what of the core?? It continues to collapse into a neutron star… an object with the mass of our Sun, yet only 20 kilometers in diameter. 

pulsarSome of these–those we can detect–are called
pulsars.  Pulsars are incredible! Unlike our Sun which spins once every 25 days or so, pulsars can spin up to 800 times/second!  They have magnetic fields 10,000,000,000 times stronger than a fridge magnet!

Want to help us discover new pulsars? The Pulsar Search Collaboratory is  an out-of-school-time citizen science project for students aged 13 and up. Teachers can join too!   After training, PSC students and teachers gain access to radio astronomy data collected  by the Green Bank Telescope, the world’s fully steerable radio telescope. PSC members then analyze the data to search for new pulsars.

Finding a pulsar is a significant scientific discovery, which advances our knowledge of the Universe!  To date, PSC students have analyzed more than 2,000,000 pieces of data, discovered 7 new pulsars, have been authors on scientific publications, and were congratulated in person by President Obama!

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