Week 5: Data Certification and Fast Radio Bursts

For Week 5, Please watch Duncan’s Video on Fast Radio Bursts! Maybe you will find one of these in our pulsar data:

Homework: Try your hand at the PSC certification Test 1. To do so you will need to back to the psrsearch.wvu.edu website.  I recommend that you open it in another window so that you can refer back to good information on this site as you need it!  If you have ANY questions about plots on these tests, post them in the Forum!  We’ll be there!

To open the test page: Click on the Database link above, and log in.  Click on the “Skymap”  tab, and then click on “Test 1”

You can start taking the “test” anytime, and you do not have to finish all of the plots at once. After completing test 1, you will get some hints about what you may have overlooked. You may modify any of your answers until you master all of the plots. But if you go nice and slow, and refer back to Ryan’s videos from Week Three and Four, you might just get then all right the first couple of go rounds. Don’t get freaked out.  Some folks have to submit it dozens of times. 

We are working on making this better but in the meantime,  let me give you a few pointers to start with:
1. Be sure to check the RFI box if you think you see interference in your plots. If you don’t you will get hints that you forgot to flag RFI.
2. If you find a plot that looks like it could be a pulsar, you MUST check the ATNF catalog and enter the name of the pulsar you found ( A handy way to do this is to  use the top tool on the Tools page  on this website to search).   Look for Right ascensions, Declinations, periods, and DM values that are similar to your plot. They do not have to be exact!