Week 3: Prepfold Plots and the ATNF Catalog

This week, now that you have used the 20 Meter to get some pulsar data, let’s take a deep dive into how these plots are created and what the different parts mean.
We’ll also start to use a very powerful database called the ATNF catalog. This is an important week!

(Here is a link to the week 2Webchat where we discussed these videos and the homework:  https://vimeo.com/258508892   NB:  this is an old one – will post new one here )

We have two videos for you this week.  The first, is brought to you by Dr. Ryan Lynch, who works at the Green Bank Observatory. He explains prepfold (also called FFT) plots in this video.

The ATNF Catalog is a rich database full of info on all of the pulsars we know about. Dr. Joe Swiggum recorded video about the ATNF catalog – It’s really good:

Joe Swiggum’s video on the ATNF Catalog:

Webchat Link: Will post new link here