Registering on the Database

When you register on the database you create a PSC account, that once activated gives you access to training materials , our PSC forum, and GBT data.  Your log-in information will work on the two websites we use:, and

Educators: To register yourself and your team on the database…

  • Go to  Register by clicking the “Teachers” button
  • Choose your own login information and select your school. If your school is not in the list choose “Other” and add your school
  • Your account will have to be activated before you can log in.

Step by step instructions are here PSC-Signup or  PSC-Signup (pdf)

Once you’ve been activated and can log in…

  1. Log in! You will see a message asking you to upload a letter from your school principal.  successful upload 
  2. Create a team by typing a name under “add teams” and then clicking “submit.” You can name your team anything you want.create team
  3. Students register at by clicking on the “students” button. They will select their school and team.
  4. Teachers will  activate  students by logging in and choosing the team name from the list. Teachers should do this AFTER students have registered on the site. Teachers will then be taken to a page with three columns: “Inactive Students”, “Active Students”, and “Choose team leader.”
  5. Every name in the “Inactive Students” column should have a button next to it. Click that button and then click “Activate Selected Student” to activate a student.
  6. The student can then log in using the information they provided.