Session 5: PPdot diagrams, and Pulsar Properties II

For Week 5, Watch the remaining videos on pulsar properties and the PPdot diagram


Homework: It’s time to start getting certified to analyze real GBT data!!!! To do so you will need to back to the website.  I recommend that you open it in another window so that you can refer back to good information on this site as you need it!  If you have ANY questions about plots on these tests, post them in the Forum!  We’ll be there!

To open the test page: Click on the Database link above, and log in.   You should see a page that looks like this: Please complete levels 1-3!

If you don’t see this page you can always access the certification tests by going to the “Skymaps” link.  There is a button near the top that will take you to the right place.

BONUS:  You can plot an interactive P-P dot diagram on the ATNF Catalog. Scroll down to the bottom. Choose P0 for the period (X axis), and P1 for the period derivative (Y axis). Can you find your pulsar in the diagram?