Session 4 Single Pulse Plots and RRATS

This week we complete our two-part introduction to the data analysis plots you will be scoring. Last week we discussed prep-fold plots which search for periodic signals like normal pulsars produce: the periodic blip observed for each rotation of the pulsar. These data are limited though, because they really hone in on signals with regular periods. Single pulse plots on the other hand look for signals that are stronger than the background, occur at a particular DM, but may not be strictly periodic.

This week,  learn about the kinds of pulsars that can be other than periodic, and gain familiarity with single pulse plots.  Then you will  try your hand at scoring some data plots. When you get something wrong, and have a question about it, please comment in the forum, where we can discuss.

Single Pulse Plots:


  1. Prefer to read about it? Read this great guide written by Ryan Lynch.
  2. Try grading some plots:
  3. Discuss your plot grading questions in SLACK or in  the forum topic on practice plots.

Practice Plots