Several consent forms are needed as part of the process of registering to be part of the PSC. These forms make sure that parents and school administrators are aware and agree to students participating in the PSC, and participating in our educational research program.

PSC Teachers
PSC teachers must log in and upload a school permission letter (on school letterhead, signed by your principal) to the website.  When you  log into this site, you will see a screen asking you to upload the document.  Once you have you will be able to form a school team name and activate students. Here is a school-permission-template. The form mentions bonus points for the control group of students; this may be altered as needed to conform with school policy.

PSC Students

Because PSC students are minors, parental consent is required. The parent of each PSC student must complete a parental consent form. PSC students must also give their permission to participate in the research by completing a Student Assent Form. Both forms and a cover letter for the parents are included in the file (Combined Consent Form). Print this file and send it home with the student. Both the parental consent and the student assent forms should be returned to the PSC teacher at the student’s school. Once the student’s returns the forms, the PSC teacher can activate the students account at the website. The PSC student’s account should not be activated by the teacher without consent.  When all forms are collected, the set of forms should be mailed to WVU at the address below.

Dr. John Stewart
West Virginia University
Department of Physics and Astronomy
White Hall
135 Willey St.
Morgantown, WV 26506