PSC Camp: Announcement

Next Online Workshop begins on February 11!

Hey Astro fans! The Next PSC workshop starts February 11th at 7 PM  for an all hand orientation.  Teachers and students are welcome!  We give a brief overview of the  training structure  and show you around the websites we’ll be using.

For the following 6 weeks  we’ll step through the learning materials, give you access to a working radio telescope, and hang out with astronomers doing cutting edge research.  By the end you should be ready to get your hands on some GBT data and search for new pulsars.

Your first step is to register.  There is no cost.  By registering you get a log in and password which is necessary for the training and data access.  You also are added to our email list which is where we’ll send the zoom connection info.  Check this page out to learn more:

Next PSC Training Workshop begins first week of October

We’re still hashing out the exact day and time of day, but the teacher survey results indicate a preference for early October as our start time for the fall PSC training workshop.  Watch this space for more information.  And start recruiting new members!

Watch also for some new techniques this fall!  We’re gonna go interactive with zoom breakout rooms so that mentors and experienced PSC members can help our newbies.

2020 PSC Camp is canceled

The Green Bank Observatory has decided not to host any large groups this summer due to concerns for the health and safety of visitors and staff during the Covid-19 Pandemic.  This means that we cannot host our summer camp. I’m really sorry! We will miss our annual get together.

The PSC staff are talking about offering some virtual interactive research sessions this summer. We know it’s not the same, but we hope to see you there, and in person sometime in the near-ish future.


Upcoming Events

PSC Data Analysis Marathon- April 6: 4:00-6:00 PM Eastern!!

Join us to hang out and analyze pulsar plots together. There will be door prizes!! Check the Forum for connection information. If you need help with your certification tests we can help with that too to get you activated.

PSC Capstone will be postponed to August 6-9

Due to, well, you know!, we have postponed the WVU capstone to the latest possible dates in August. We have activated the application form, so go ahead and apply! New deadline is May 15- Visit the Events Page for a link

PSC Camp Application for students, teachers and mentors is open.

We hope that we will be able to hold PSC Camp this summer.  Visit the Events Page for a link to the application, and go ahead and apply!