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PSC Campstone cancelled due to lack of enrollment

Gang ,

We only had 3 students enroll, and so unfortunately we have decided to cancel Campstone for this summer. We feel bereft, not having a PSC experience this summer though, so we thought we might host a weekend experience in September. I’d like to hear from you– let me know if you think it is a good idea, and you would be interested in coming. We are thinking of September 19,20,21. The 21st is our annual open house, and you would have some great opportunities to tour the labs and meet the scientists and engineers, machinists, and mechanics who work at the NRAO.

Send a quick email to Sue Ann at subject line: PSC weekend, and say I’m in if you are interested in coming.

Welcome to the new website

Here we are!  This is the new home for the PSC: ( will still work too).  One of the features of this new website is that we have a forum!  We hope this will replace the old mode of communicating through  the email. If you use the forum to talk about plots or other PSC related stuff, then all PSC members will see it.  But I think that is wonderful, as there is so much expertise  in the PSC group.We have also jettisoned the school pages.  If you desire to use the old google site, it has not disappeared, but we will not be updating it.  Go to:…
~ Sue Ann