Archived Training Sessions

Week One

  • Pulsar Content: Introduction  the PSC, and pulsars
  • How to: Use the Robotic 20 Meter Telescope
  • Q/A session
  • Homework:
    • Use the 20 Meter Telescope to take data, and discuss on the forum.

Week Two

  • Q/A: Homework discussion
  • Pulsar Content: Pulsar Properties
  • How to: Use the ATNF Catalog
  • Homework:
    • Choose a personal pulsar to learn more about!
    • Use the ATNF Catalog to plot pulsar properties. Discuss on the Forum

Week Three

  • Webchat Q/A: Pulsar Properties
  • Pulsar Content: Dispersion Measure (DM) with Maura McLaughlin
  •  Homework:
    • Watch Maura’s video discuss on the Forum
    • Watch Joe’s  ATNF Catalog Video
    • Practice Using the DM tool

Week Four

  • Webchat Q/A: Discuss DM Videos 9 sorry – no recording for this week!)
  • Pulsar Content: Data Analysis!  At Last!
    • Watch two videos on the plots you will be scoring, then give it a try
  • Homework:
    • Practice Plots!
    • Forum discussion

Week Five

  • Webchat Q/A: Review Plots, discuss certification process
  • Pulsar Content:  Fast Radio Bursts – the coolest mystery brought to you by pulsar data!!
  • Homework: 
    • Certification  “Tests”
    • Discuss on the Forum

Week Six

  • Discuss Certification issues
  • What comes next: Opportunities for you as a PSC Member.
  • Homework: Keep working on Certification