Get college credit via the PSC!

Great news!  You can get college credit via the PSC  🙂

At West Virginia University the PSC is available as a three credit points course (ASTR 293B, costs: $0/hr -> Yes, it’s free!) via the ACCESS program:

This is a unique opportunity and it’s free for the Fall 2019 semester!

If you decide to register, here is a little bit about the timeline:
a) The pointing requirement will be for the entire academic year, beginning on December, 15 2018 until the end of the winter session (December 20, 2019).
b) A poster and paper will be due at the end of the winter session (December 20, 2019).

The paper is supposed to be written in a similar style as for an astronomical journal which is very good practice!

If you would like to register, please go to the posted webpage and complete the online application (Step 1). Step 2 is the enrollment form which needs to be downloaded and signed by the guidance counselor indicating the GPA and a parent. It needs to be scanned and send back to WVU.

When the application process is complete, you will receive a follow up email with further instructions.

Let us know if you have any questions about the course. This is indeed a unique opportunity!

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