PSC Research is complete. Registration process to be streamlined

Over the next few days we’ll be making some changes to PSC database, and the  hurdles to registration.  As always, students must be 13 to participate in the PSC.  But, because the research phase of the project is complete, we will no longer ask students to submit consent/assent forms.

Teachers, this means that once students register on, you will be able to activate them right away. Please give us a couple of days to make these changes.  We’ll post a “Go!” announcement here.

Notable Replies

  1. jbrode says:

    I am ready to start entering my students.
    John Brode
    Berkeley Springs High School

  2. I will be as well next week. I also need to get mine and Aiden’s school’s switched. Does anyone have Nate’s email handy?

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